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Sanctuary Development Team or The Futures Council - will you join us?

The Wildlife Sanctuary has announced it will form two volunteer teams to help Georgia's wildlife.

The first are Sanctuary Development Teams(<---click there for teams) that will meet monthly to spearhead business activities for the sanctuary, including facilities upgrades, marketing projects, grant submissions, educational programs, corporate partnerships, college/university partnerships, fundraisers and special events.

The second is The Futures Council that will meet quarterly and look a wildlife in Georgia and the Southeast three, 5, 10, 20 and 50 years ahead to determine how this sanctuary can be instrumental in the preservation of Georgia's wildlife. Of importance are the Eastern Panther (declared extinct in the wild but may be staging a comeback) and flying squirrels (nearing extinction in Georgia). While other species, such as the North American Black Bear, and not endangered, the Council will look at pressures on the species and way to educate the public about living in an area where there are bears.

"The development team will be a fun, hands-on working group that will meet near Woodstock, Georgia and The Futures Council is more of a think tank that will meet near downtown Atlanta, close to the seat of government" said Tim Grady, the sanctuary's Executive Director, who will chair both groups of 8-12 volunteers each. Anyone interested in serving should send their contact information to the Executive Director or complete the following form:

Registration Form

You may review this form before you send it. Please indicate if you want to join the Development Team or The Futures Council below:







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