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School Programs - To Schedule: call 706-276-2980

The Wildlife Sanctuary offers school programs that meet the Georgia Performance Standards for each grade K-12. These programs count as a school field trip. There are three levels of programs, as described below. To date, over 250,000 school children have experienced The Wildlife Sanctuary by visiting us, or by us visiting them. We hope you will schedule a program for your class or school soon.

At The Sanctuary - School Field Trips

The Wildlife Sanctuary has available parking for school buses or coaches to accommodate up to 250 students for school field trips from schools in Georgia and Tennessee. Like our Family Days, with the addition of before, during and after learning, students go on a walking tour of the sanctuary and then enjoy a live animal amphitheater presentation. There is instructional support material for the teacher for each grade level so students can prepare for the visit, learn during the visit, and then be tested following the visit. We frequently talk to teenagers and young adults who fondly remember their school field trip to The Wildlife Sanctuary.

At The School Field Trips

Teachers or schools can schedule a visit from The Wildlife Sanctuary for a presentation of live animals. Pricing varies depending upon the size of the audience. Please call the sanctuary office to discuss your learning needs, grade levels, expected attendance and pricing. School visits are always fun and exciting for students and teachers alike, with some hands-on opportunities for students to participate in aspects of the program.

Virtual Field Trips(TM)

Virtual Field Trips are video programs followed by a live question and answer session broadcast over the Internet. The same before, during and after learning components are included in the Virtual Field Trips. The missing link is the hands-on opportunities for the students.
The Wildlife Sanctuary is pursuing options to offer the Virtual Field Trips to Title I schools without charge. Otherwise, program fees are a savings over At School or On Site Sanctuary Field Trips.

Virtual Field Trips(TM) are available to any school anywhere in the U.S.

What to Wear

The Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of north Georgia. It is a rustic setting requiring visitors to hike up and down hills to visit sections of the sanctuary. We encourage visitors to wear comfortable shoes for hiking, and dress for weather usually about 10-15 degrees cooler than the Atlanta area. In addition, being near mountain tops, there is often anything from a light breeze to a fair wind, so light coats or sweatshirts may be wise.

Food, Water, Restrooms

The Wildlife Sanctuary sells snacks and soda on site. Proceeds go to taking care of the sanctuary. There are restroom facilities on site. April through September, The Wildlife Sanctuary also sells souvenir T-shirts that can also be purchased online.
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