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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization | The Ellijay Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary does not presently rehab migratory or birds of prey

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Development Teams at The Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Development Teams are volunteer groups that will meet once each month and work with the Executive Director to spearhead business development activities for The Wildlife Sanctuary. In between meetings, each team will work to develop their projects and then report back to at the monthly team meeting. These will be fun and exciting working groups. If you want to have a direct impact on wildlife, join one of The Wildlife Sanctuary's Development Teams.

Facilities Team: The Facilities Team will create a list of habitats, walkways, roadways and hiking trails at the sanctuary, and then identify and secure sources for materials needed to upgrade those facilities at the sanctuary. An on-site tour of the facility is recommended to map, photograph and document each area. A description of some facilities at http://www.thewildlifesanctuary.com/improvements.php can be used as a starting point for this team.

Marketing Team: The Marketing Team will create a list of all published or publishable information about the sanctuary, its mission, and its residents, and determine the best ways to communicate that information to the general public. This team will pull together all the creative components required to communicate with the general public or the press, including but not limited to, all of the graphics, photographs and other art and copy that presently exists. All electronic information will be stored on the cloud, accessible by authorized users by password. One of the projects of the marketing team will be to further develop donors, the membership program, and the animal sponsorship program to generate more contributions for the sanctuary.

Grants Team: The Grants Team will identify all of the potential sources of grants, including individual foundations and government sources. The team will then begin to develop a grants campaign, targeting the most appropriate and likely sources. Team members, under the direction of the executive director, will write, submit and track grant submissions through either award or decline. The team will also develop a pursuit calendar to maintain a regular cycle of grant submissions and follow-up activities.

Educational Programs Team: The Educational Team will work with the Marketing Team and the executive director to forecast the requirements of offering various educational programs at or from the sanctuary, including at-school programs and at-sanctuary programs, This team will also help to develop the trademarked Virtual Field Trips™ created by The Wildlife Sanctuary that can be broadcast to any school in the nation. This program has Title I grant potential for development dollars.

College/University Partnerships Team: The CUP Team will identify and reach out to colleges and universities to develop partnerships with administrators, professors and career counselors for students to be involved with the sanctuary. This team will work with all the other team leaders to identify areas where students can participate with the sanctuary and get course credit for their work.

Corporate Partnerships Team: The Corporate Partnerships Team will identify and then pursue relationships with corporations and businesses headquartered in Georgia that may have an interest in partnering with The Wildlife Sanctuary. Major corporations may have created a foundation for this purpose. This team will refer those leads to The Grants Team for further pursuit. Potential partnership opportunities include The Wildlife Sanctuary’s Wonderful World of Wildlife™ podcast series that includes ad spots for corporate sponsors.

Fundraising & Special Events Team: The FSE Team will identify venues where fundraisers can be held to benefit the sanctuary. These may include restaurants, banquet halls, meeting rooms, or other locations where 25 to 250 people can comfortably meet, be greeted and educated about The Wildlife Sanctuary. This team will work with the Marketing Team to develop concepts for both indoor and outdoor portable exhibit booths for The Wildlife Sanctuary. This team will also create and host fundraisers and special events for the sanctuary, its supporters and the community. Team Chairs and Co-chairs will meet once each month for updates, information sharing, individual team presentation, and brainstorming.

Summary:If you know of someone who might be able to help, please have them give the Executive Director a call at 877-305-9500. We would be only too glad to hear from them.

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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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